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The singer Yolanda Soares Victim of fraud and Scam.Alex Fan Moniz and Glenn Strutt under criminal complaint in the court of Cascais.

Glenn Strutt
Alex Fan Moniz
Who is Marlene Duval? read below Government auction news.

Alex and Glenn lived in Geneva Switzerland. Glenn Strutt is from South Africa.Now they probably live in South Africa  and they sometimes use false profiles from other persons  to defame Yolanda Soares  like Marlene Duval etc...

This Blog was developed exclusively to clarify all allegations made by the author Alex Fan Moniz (and made by some false profiles he and his partner Glenn Strutt make...one of them is Marlene Duval..) to the company By the Music and Yolanda Soares on the copyright claim and accusation about the An'R award that he insists in several places on the internet like Youtube,, facebook,Blogs etc ... without foundation or truth and for the sole purpose of destroying the career of the singer.Why? because Yolanda didn't sign any of the dubious contracts Glenn Strutt sent to her to represent her internationally due to a a false Tour he invented with sponsors placed on the advertisement of the tour with no substantion prove of their sponsorship.Alex husband or partner named Glenn Strutt (and also named Sebastian L.S. Schwagele Fan Moniz, and he uses sometimes several false facebook  profiles named Marlene Duval and others, has already threatened THROUGH Facebook, phone and e mail messages .. everything in the hands of our lawyers... slandered, blackmailed and made news with defamatory content on the singer with the purpose of extorsion (they threatened Yolanda to pay a certain amount of money otherwise they would end her career.

Well, Alex Fan Moniz gets his rights through the SUISA (the author's legal representative in Switzerland).
The SPA (Portuguese Society of Authors) is the legal representative of the copyright of the work Metamorhosis.All the copyrights of this work were paid on the dates and amounts set by the SPA (Read in Portuguese or translate the letter below from SPA).
The company By the Music Productions is the producer of the work Metamorphosis and has exclusive rights on all playback and editing of the work and Mr. Alex Fan Moniz signed a contract with the company By the Music giving all exclusive rights of reproduction of the work under any form without prior consent of their own and where their lyrics are included.
Here a recent prove of the criminal action made by those individuals:Yolanda Soares was invited to sing in the Portugal Song Festival contest representing an act with the title "Evolution" in which she sang   one of the songs from Metamorphosis Album .At the end of the TV Program (in the technical presentation, usually in the final, all the songs are mentioned with the names of the Authors).Well,  RTP decided to put the performances of all the singers  on Youtube and Alex Fan Moniz just made a claim of copyrights and the part of Yolanda Soares performance was taken out from youtube (because as you all know making a simple claim is enough for Youtube to take out whatever is being claimed) .
This clearly shows the intentions of these guys (bad and sick ones) since RTP really mention at the final all the authors and the name of all the songs that were preformed.So, they simply want to damage Yolanda Soares promotion and reputation by simply making this stupid actions.But they continued with more criminal actions besides this one.And this will be another prove of their psychotic behavior who in the future will have its consequences.Here is one the prove:


Yolanda Soares began to receive threats by phone, e mail etc. .. and then defamation and extortion by Glenn Strutt and also Alex Fan-Moniz in order to oblige the signing of  contracts with such a dubious company of which they were partners.Mayfair collection. 

See Link of the company already dissolved (we wonder why):  http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/910730811

 In order to control the career of Yolanda Soares abroad inventing a false Tour around the world with  sponsors placed on the advertisement of the tour with no substantion prove of their sponsorship  .Here is the advertisement page they constructed to try to deceive Yolanda Soares and make her believe they were working on a tour around the world with sponsors: 

After Yolanda realized that this tour was not consistent and it was doubtful she  refused to sign a contract sent by Glenn Strutt hoping to deceive Yolanda and takes her to sign the contract (all already in the hands of lawyers). Since then Yolanda began to be threatened either by Alex Fan Moniz (who sent her emails blackmailing her) and by Glenn Strutt in the most insidious and terrible way.Glenn said." If you don't sign the papers I will end your career..." and also mentioned her family on these threats. Horrible.
 They invented through all the internet false news about Yolanda trying to defame even her company with the false name of Marlene Duval  and they use other fake profiles. These individuals continue to do so by building blogs  with falsehoods (mixing these falsehoods with credible information to something that seems true). It's the way they act and have acted in the past.For example: forging the biography of a painter   Helen Anne Petrie (which is dead already) entering false information in the middle of the true biography of this painter and actually sold some of her paintings to a major auction house (There is an article on the internet about this...you can read below  the links about Sunday Times and Glenn Strutt).But read this one also: 

They did a blog  to defame Yolanda  saying her manager purchase a fake award for Yolanda to make her famous (which is tottaly false of course... since we have all the magazines and the certificate and even the compilations CDs  they did to promote some songs of Yolanda Soares MusicBox) But even so they manage to  do a  huge  work with a bunch of lies just because of the award of Excellency Yolanda received from an Australian music magazine that only circulates in Middem and on the music business and not through internet....they invent false accusations even about the Director of the magazine..horrible).Fortunately this blog was claimed by authorities and was taken off the net.Here is the link:

   Yolanda Soares lives near Cascais and there are  no criminal charges against her nor our company (IT IS THE OPPOSITE...THEY WERE THE ONES WITH A REAL CRIMINAL CHARGE).Yolanda or our company never bought any kind of award and Yolanda Soares received a recognition by a magazine named AnR from Australia  who sent her (an inaugural) award of excellence in 2009 from the magazine itself in order to celebrate their anniversary and because they decided to chose the artists they mostly liked,and decided to offer them their recognition of excellency.
But Glenn Strutt constructs some kind of internet news and information to lead the readers to something that appears with some consistency in it.As you all see he doesn't write these informations signing his name.He invents false profiles to do that. Glenn Strutt was in jail some time ago and many people suffered with his actions.We already have a testimony from another of his victims from outside Portugal that made contact with Yolanda  .The prosecutor of the Cascais court approved the criminal charge and gave reason to Yolanda.These guys will have what they deserve sooner or later. 

there are (below) some of the links that prove the falsity of the allegations of individuals who in the past were engaged in very dubious actions with other people and situations.

You will read a letter  made by the SPA attorney (it is in portuguese) saying that Yolanda Soares and By the Music payed every rights on the dates and amounts settled by SPA  .Since that payment Yolanda and By the Music were no longer responsible for the payment of Alex Fan Moniz rights (by the way, Yolanda herself is not the one who's responsible to pay any rights).And Alex accused Yolanda of not paying him his authorship rights.Clearly he was just trying to defame Yolanda because he already knew how those things are made.He simply should  ask SPA for his payment and always have to ask SPA (they are the only responsible for paying rights to authors) .Not threaten or defame Yolanda Soares.Nor By the Music.But he (or his husband Glenn Strutt) decided just to threat Yolanda and to defame her and her company  with false accusations.
These accusations were also  sent (two years ago) , by email (under the name of Marlene Duval and even Alex Fan Moniz) to the bank who sponsored Yolanda Soares Metamorphosis CD to try to damage Yolanda and make the bank take off the sponsorship .
But our lawyers delivered to the bank all the proves and everything was clarified and of course this became a serious matter that almost damaged the launch of Metamorphosis album along with the health of Yolanda.Since than Yolanda started to fell stressed and very anxious because she received (some minutes before she sang at the Coliseum and the Bank auditorium (for the lauch of her CD) threats by phone from Marlene Duval (a fake ID of Glenn Strutt). After the shows Yolanda Soares had serious health problems that affected her singing and even her body.She received medical treatment but she had to stop singing for a while at the time.

NOW ,See below the link of evidence which mainly undertake Glenn Strutt (or Sebastian Laurent Stephen Schwagele Fan Moniz) on the Internet.Of course he tries at all costs and through some news (that he invents in some free news sites ,one of them is "Allvoices") to disprove fraudulent sittuations that was accused in the past. And signing fake names like Marlene Duval to contradict them.This is one of the news he does under the name of MD (Marlene Duval)
This is one of the news invented by Glenn Strutt under a false profile:


NOW, read  this next "story" carefully to understand who is who and about Glenn Strutt's past  which  they already succeeded on taking the link  off the net  (maybe with some threats to the person who wrote this) but I HAVE A COPY! LET'S post it again here:

 (a small explanation in portuguese) Esta é uma espécie de trabalho quase de um "Detective" feito por Geoff Havers (provavelmente jornalista ligado á Government auction...uma casa ou local de leilões)  que casualmente foi descobrindo pistas para perceber o que se estava a passar.Acaba por ir parar aos nomes Marlene Duval e Glenn Strutt.Pois Glenn Strutt vendeu quadros a uma das maiores casas de leilão dos Estados Unidos.Mas foi descoberto que ele forjou parte da biografia da Pintora para conseguir vender esses quadros.Se têm valor ou não é uma coisa.Mas vender algo baseado em fraude é crime.É o que Glenn tenta fazer.Tal como queria fazer com Yolanda.Obter uma assinatura da Yolanda para  um contrato (com uma empresa dele já dissolvida com o nome de Mayfair collection) através de uma mentira (prometendo á Yolanda uma tourné inexistente e construída falsamente com patrocinadores inexistentes)  que lhe dava a exclusividade sobre Yolanda internacionalmente.Yolanda recusou.E aí começou tudo.Mas leiam pois esta narrativa está bem explícita falando deste caso sobre  Glenn strutt.

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Trouble is my business
Funny how things turn out, sometimes. A step in a certain direction, a door opened and before you know it you’re asking yourself, “How did I get here?” So it has been for me since last we met, and all because of a passing reference in November’s column, which has resulted in my making enquiries and pleas for help from Spokane, Washington to Paarl, South Africa, from Knightsbridge to Switzerland. In the meantime, I’ve found myself cast (by myself, admittedly) as the square-jawed, hard-boiled, beaten but unbowed hero of a true-life detective story. And seeing as how it’s Christmas and all, that’s what you’re gettin’ for chow. If you don’t like it – why – go tell it to the padre, buster. Down these mean streets a man must go.
Before we get started, however, there’s something I should say. About two-thirds of the way through – roughly the part where I have to smack the bad guy around a bit to get some answers, and Mrs Havers twists her ankle and has to have everything explained to her again – I just know that some of you are going to start muttering and complaining that all this has little to do with the day-to-day business of auctions. Well, you’re wrong.
This isn’t going to be just another exciting Christmas special. If there has been one consistent theme in everything I have ever written here (apart from how nice old motorbikes are), it has been that the cardinal rule of auctioning is to set your value on an item, be you buyer or seller, and not to budge. Do not be swayed by the heat of the moment, do not be swayed by the honeyed voices of ‘experts’, do not be swayed by the temptations of the quick buck, for that way lie disaster and madness. What follows is a pertinent cautionary tale of how even the highest, best-placed authorities can be suckered into ignoring that rule.
Muddy waters
Last month, I reported how I had stumbled across a mention, online, of the Spanish copyist Miguel Canals, a couple of whose works I had bought in the Eighties. The article I was led to was entitled ‘Nick Bonham, “chum” of Prince Charles, disastrously sells “copies” of Titians, Monets, Goyas and van Goghs’. It was dated 15th September 2009 and attributed to Graham Heathcote, “AP Writer”.
According to the article, the snittiness of whose tone you can guess by that ‘chum’ in the title, Sr Canals, “a short dark man in his mid-50’s”, attended the sale at Bonhams’ Chelsea rooms in person, watching the sale “impassively” with his wife, Fernanda. The 200-some paintings represented about six months’ work, he said. He was happy with the prices. There were more quotations – Sir Bob Geldof apparently thought the paintings were “A good buy. After all, half the paintings hanging on the walls of the world’s museums are fakes.” And Nick Bonham suggested that perhaps one day the copies would be indistinguishable from the real thing.
This article didn’t ring quite true to me. The tone was wrong. Without coming out and saying so, the implication seemed to be that these were fakes by another name, that everyone involved was up to something if not dishonest then disingenuous. Yet works by Canals or Studio of Miguel Canals are pretty well known as copies; there’s never been any attempt to pass them off as the real thing (frankly, they’re not good enough). All the paintings produced chez Canals carry clear and definite studio stamps on the back, and they’re sold for their decorative merits only. Many carry a facsimile signature of the original painter but only if the work is out of copyright and was signed by the artist in the first place. I decided to pass a rainy afternoon doing a little research on Canals. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was practically no biographical information to be found on the Net, but that on one thing most sources were in agreement. If Sr Canals had been present at the sale, he would have been watching as impassively as it is possible to get, because he has been dead since 1995.
I wrote to Jennifer Tonkin, administrator of the pictures and fine frames department at Bonhams, to see whether she could clear things up for me. While awaiting her reply, I tried to revisit the original article, but I was taken to the home page of the hosting website, so I typed ‘Bonham’ into the search box.
The court case
This is where the story starts to get weird, and it gives me no pleasure to have to repeat some of the things that I found. The search function took me not back to the Canals auction but to an article that described angry scenes in the Old Bailey thirteen years ago, when “Nick Bonhams” (sic) was cleared of causing the death by careless driving of a pedestrian. Again, the tone wasn’t right, veering from dispassionate reportage to slightly unhinged insult. A moment’s googling revealed that the article had been cut and pasted wholesale from the account of the trial run in the Independent at the time. It had been clumsily edited to remove anything that might have mitigated Nick Bonham’s role in the tragic affair, salted with a spot of invective, and put back out on the Net, along with another piece entitled ‘Thirteen years on and Still No Apology...’
I was left to wonder why, as well as the sale report, these two articles should appear, thirteen years after the fact, on a website devoted to IT security issues. ITBackbones, the site in question, is actually a sort of hub or whatever they call these things for a large number of websites carrying IT-related news, and every one of them was running these stories. My best guess was that the site was owned by or in some way connected to the family of the dead man. I wrote to the contact address, and wrote to AP to see whether they could put me in touch with Graham Heathcote.
In the meantime, I received a reply from Jennifer Tonkin. She had no biographical details of Canals and suggested I try Google or Wikipedia… I wrote back to explain what I’d already discovered and gave her the link to the article describing Canals’ post-mortem presence at the sale. She then replied at greater length: Bonhams no longer has a saleroom in Chelsea, Nick Bonham left the company years ago and the most recent auction they held in which a work by Studio of Miguel Canals appeared in the sale catalogue was the 11th February 2009 Pictures and Frames sale, a sell without reserve auction (held at Knightsbridge), but this lot was withdrawn prior to the sale date (lot 65). The Oxford salerooms sold four lots by the Studio of Miguel Canals in a general Art and Antiques auction on 20th October 2009 (lots 43, 48, 49 and 50 – sale 17296). The last auction entirely dedicated to the Studio of Miguel Canals was held on 5th December 2000.
I must confess I was a bit stumped. Without any answers from ITBackbones or Graham Heathcote, there was nowhere to go, and if they were involved in some kind of vendetta they were hardly going to write to me and acknowledge the fact… then I did a bit more poking about and it all started to fall into place.
The artist and the PCC
Right there on the ITB network was another Bonhams-related news piece, this time attributed to Reuters: ‘Royal Collection Was NOT Duped’.
“Following a recent article published by the Sunday Times of London which was defamatory, full of inaccuracies, unsubstantiated accusations and innuendo about a former South African who has sold paintings by an apparently ‘fake’ South African artist to well-known British collections, International Collectors and via Auction Houses, evidence has reached the Paarl Post that the female artist, poet and Anti-Apartheid Activist, Helen Anne Petrie (1932–2006), had indeed mainly lived and worked in Fish Hoek, South Africa.
“The UK PCC is investigating the concerns of the article, Case No 093340. Strutt is being represented by Attorney Penelope E Meyer.
“Mr Glenn Strutt, a respected art dealer in the USA and Europe (Who does NOT have a criminal Record, neither a record of ‘shady business’, as incorrectly reported), has provided irrevocable documentary proof that neither Bonhams nor the Royal Collection were duped, as was feared, when they purchased paintings from him in Britain.”
The rest of the article consisted of a biographical sketch of Helen Anne Petrie. Much of it was tangentially concerned with explaining why her work had rarely appeared in any exhibitions, and it was written in a style which, I have to say, one does not normally associate with the Reuters news agency: “(Petrie) did however not allow anyone taking her away from her beloved Fish-Hoek ‘Summer House’ and ended her days alone, with grey, messed up, wiry hair, wandering and talking to herself, shifting between worlds only she knew, known to the locals as ‘The Fish-Hoek Old Witch’… Anne Petrie, the woman, the benefactor, the pacifist, the friend… The TRUE Matriarch of South African Female Artists.” See what I mean? I headed straight for the Sunday Times archive.
The newspaper of record
On August 9th 2009, the Sunday Times carried an article entitled ‘Royal Collection duped over fake African painter Helen Anne Petrie’, in which writers Richard Brooks and Georgia Warren allege that Mr Strutt had “hoodwinked” the Royal Collection into accepting paintings by Petrie as part of a scam intended to inflate the value of her works – many of which had been bought by Mr Strutt on her death in 2006.
The basis of the supposed scam was an Internet biography of Petrie, allegedly by one Sebastian L. Schwagele of Geneva, according to which Petrie’s works are owned by the likes of Bill Clinton, Madonna and David and Victoria Beckham. Petrie’s paintings are also said to be in the Tate, the National Portrait Gallery, the Smithsonian and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. In fact, said the Sunday Times, none of her works are in these galleries. Nor is there any proof that her noted collectors have any of her paintings…
A Chandleresque interlude
“Listen, Shorty,” I snarled, “I never met a wiseacre yet who didn’t understand a smack in the mouth or a slug from a .45. Sing!” And I cracked him a good one, and then another just for the hell of it.
“Okay, okay!” he yelped. “Stop with the fisticuffs, big guy! I’ll tell you what you wanna know! From what I hear, the whole scam is a ‘seeding operation’ to get this Petrie into the public eye an’ make a quick buck, see? It’ll all make sense if ya just spend a bit more time on the Web!”
“Geoff, my ankle hurts,” the dame breathed into my ear. Boy, could she breathe. “And I don’t understand what’s going on…”
Okay. This is where it gets really tangly-uppy, as we gumshoes call the tough cases, but it’s also where everything becomes relevant to anyone who ever thought of buying a painting at an auction.
The back story
It seems that Glenn Strutt’s connection with Bonhams (the firm) goes back 18 years, when he tried to interest then-director Nick Bonham in some artworks. Bonham could see they were not the real thing and sent him away. Strutt then befriended Bonham’s ex-wife, Kaye, and, two years ago, introduced her to the work of Helen Anne Petrie. As far as I can ascertain Kaye Bonham took Petrie’s claimed reputation and artistic standing at face value. There were, after all, two Petrie’s in the Royal Collection, and a lengthy Wikipedia entry claiming her as a lost gem. Last September, Bonhams sold three Petrie paintings in London for £28,000. The most valuable, ‘A Forest Track, Zanzibar’, fetched £14,400.
Bonhams now accepts it “might have been misled to some extent about Petrie’s artistic importance”. I haven’t been able to find out what tipped the auctioneers off, but they really might have spotted a couple of glaring inconsistencies in the ‘biography’ before the works came under the hammer. It’s claimed that Petrie spent time studying privately with Gillian Ayres RA, but Ayres insists that she has never taken private pupils and has no knowledge of Petrie. And the artist Jan Vermeiren, with whom Petrie allegedly studied in Holland in 1954, would have been only six years old at the time (bright child, that Vermeiren – Ed).
The sock puppet
You can’t check this stuff out for yourself quite so easily now, because the moderator types at Wikipedia have removed the biography and all entries referring to Helen Anne Petrie and the Strutt Family Trust, and blocked everyone who has attempted to reinstall them on the grounds that they are ‘sock puppets’. This was a new one on me. A ‘sock puppet’ is an identity assumed for the purpose of lending support to your position. In short, all the people who tried to back up the original posting of the ‘biography’ were found to be the same person. As the Wikipedia discussion page says:
‘Schwagele’ is responsible for creating and submitting this information on the internet art sites – including registering as User:Helen Anne Petrie and submitting the latest version... and probably this incarnation User:Helen anne petrie (1933–2006) one week later. Until independent scholarly sources from the international art community write about this person, the bio should be deleted… Seems more like an attempt to promote sales than a hoax…
Incidentally, I think this is fantastic and in every way fabulous. I know a lot of people mistrust Wikipedia as being a place where anyone can write anything, but in fact it’s a place where a community of thoughtful, intelligent and educated people share their knowledge of the world for free, and if you post up some rubbish for comic or criminal purposes, pretty soon someone will come along and take it down. If only this were true of any of the hundreds of free ‘news’ and PR sites, which it appears that Strutt and his proxies used. Once I’d realised that ITBackbones was just such a free portal, and has nothing to do with what’s posted on it, I had my answer as to why all that poisonous stuff about Nick Bonham was up there.
The takedown
This whole case is best understood as a sort of timeline of events:
  • 1991(ish): Strutt tries to interest Nick Bonham in moody artworks, with no success
  • 1996: Nick Bonham involved in fatal traffic accident
  • August 2009: Sunday Times article exposes Petrie scam
  • September 2009 : Free Internet ‘news’ sites flooded with cut-and-paste articles casting Nick Bonham in a poor light
  • October 2009: Free Internet news sites flooded with articles insisting that Glenn Strutt is “a respected art dealer”; Helen Anne Petrie, “a neglected genius”, blah, blah.
Almost as amazing as these attempts to – how shall we say? – big up Petrie in the art market is that, even now the jig’s very obviously up, Strutt continues to fight his corner. Sort of. Lawsuits are announced, although there is no record with the Press Complaints Commission of case number 093340, or any case mentioning the names Petrie or Strutt. Under the name Marlene Duval and Associates (a PR company), he continues to scatter the Internet with articles that try to place Petrie in the pantheon of South African artists, on one spectacular occasion copying a highly critical piece from South African Art News word for word and claiming it as support. Unfortunately, Helen Anne Petrie – a sad lady whose life was spent caring for her mentally ill brother – died alone and troubled, her only solace, quite possibly, having been painting her undistinguished but perfectly likeable amateur oils. And now poor Miss Petrie’s name will forever be attached to what appears to be a rather nasty scam.
And the lesson of this strange and not very pleasant case? Simply that whenever you are thinking of splashing out on a painting, a pair of loafers, a mobile phone, a television or a designer dress, make sure that you like it and that you want it. Ignore the auctioneers, the salesmen and the writers of colour supplement articles who tell you that the Queen or Robbie Williams own one. If you don’t really like it for what it is, irrespective of any stellar connections it may possess, walk away.
Now, where did I put the dame?
Geoff Havers






And an attempt of Marlene Duval do delete Yolanda Soares from Wikipédia

Look at the list of hoxes in wikipédia which include : Helen Anne Petrie and STRUTT FAMILY TRUST(one name of the sponsors that Glenn Strutt sent  to the email of Yolanda saying that they will sponsor Yolanda's  tour around the world)

It seems that defamations are a "tool" they have to make money .Yolanda is not the first to be defamed by these guys.Read another situation including both:
Test-tube-baby tourists' dream turns sour: http://www.iol.co.za/news/world/test-tube-baby-tourists-dream-turns-sour-1.304820?ot=inmsa.ArticlePrintPageLayout.ot (THIS WAS A LINK THAT THEY MANAGED IN A WAY OR ANOTHER (THEY ARE EXPERTS ON DOING THAT) TO TAKE OFF OR DELETE FROM INTERNET.WELL, BUT NOW I KEEP EVERYTHING I FIND FROM THEM AND HERE IT IS WHAT I FOUND IN THIS LINK ALREADY DELETED:

Test-tube-baby tourists' dream turns sour
November 25 2006 at 03:34pm 
By Helen Bamford

What was supposed to be a win-win deal between a lesbian couple, a German television company, a glossy magazine and the owners of a luxury Constantia lodge has turned into an ugly spat with allegations of non-payment and broken agreements.
Police charges have now been laid and all parties have consulted lawyers to try to resolve the mess.
It all started when German couple Katharena and Jennifer Hieb were chosen by a German television company Good Times to be filmed for a programme called Pro 7 which is producing a series called Lebe deinen Traum meaning "live your dream".
The young couple, who married in April, wanted to start a family using in-vitro fertilisation and Good Times apparently offered to help them achieve this if they could film the entire process.
They couldn't do it in Germany because the law allows doctors to be sued for maintenance if they perform the treatment so they decided on the Cape Fertility Clinic in Newlands.
With the help of Kapstadt.com, a glossy local magazine created by Peter Koblmiller for the German market, a Good Times crew and the couple were offered free accommodation at Wittenham Hall, an upmarket country lodge in Constantia run by Alex and Sebastian Fan-Moniz, owners of the Mayfair Collection.
The deal was that the lodge would feature prominently in the 48-minute television programme which will be broadcast during prime time to millions in Germany.
But things soon started to unravel.
Sebastian Fan-Moniz claims it was because Kapstadt.com started "bickering" about additional expenses.
He said the deal was a "generous trade exchange" in which the Mayfair Collection was due to receive publicity on the show in return for the complimentary accommodation.
But he said it was made clear from the start that all other services would have to be paid for. Fan-Moniz initially claimed the amount owed to them by Good Times was R7 287.24 but later said the bill was R106 000.
Fan-Moniz said he intended taking legal action.
A call to Good Times in Germany by Weekend Argus was not returned on Friday but Koblmiller of Kapstadt.com said he had also taken legal opinion following alleged defamatory statements made by Fan-Moniz, who he accuses of foolish accusations.
Koblmiller alleged that charges on the invoice were excessive and included Internet charges for days they were not in Cape Town.
He said it was unfortunate that the Mayfair Collection would benefit anyway from the television programme because it had already been filmed.
"That type of publicity you can't pay for it," he said.

Here are the Lawyers who represent us:
ABBC Associates: http://www.abbc.pt/advogados.php?zID=1&aID=341 (Dr. Luis Filipe Carvalho,Dr. Ana Mira cordeiro)

 Alex Fan Moniz tried also to bring down the internet videos of Yolanda Soares from youtube claiming rights. A criminal act that will have  future consequences because By the Music holds these rights without prior authorization by any author included in this work (Alex Fan Moniz is not the only author included in the work).

Alex Fan Moniz even contacted a banking representative who worked with him here in Portugal (Mr. Rogerio Seixas,
 see link about Rogerio Seixas: http://economico.sapo.pt/noticias/corretora-cmbn-proibida-de-exercer-em-portugal_93238.html

to intervene with the bank that sponsored the Yolanda Soares CD in an attempt to put into question the good name of the singer (Of course Rogério Seixas was also a victim of the scam).Another act which was already included in the criminal complaint.
The police is already investigating and all witnesses have been heard, including testimonials from fans who were annoyed by attempts of intimidation carried out by those individuals (Alex Fan Moniz and Glenn Strutt). Everything is moving according to the law so that justice is done.
By the Music does everything according to law, something that these guys do not but will be forced sooner or later to do instead of trying to flee and destroying Yolanda with fake profiles.


NOW!The explanation In Portuguese
Este Blog foi elaborado exclusivamente para esclarecer todas as acusações feitas pelo autor Alex Fan Moniz  á empresa By the Music e Yolanda Soares acerca dos direitos de autor que insistiu em reclamar em vários locais na internet como Youtube, Soundcloud, facebook etc... sem fundamento nem veracidade e com o único intuito de destruir a carreira da cantora  tendo já ameaçado (via facebook,telemóvel,e mensagens por e mail..tudo na posse dos advogados) difamado,chantageado a mesma em conjunto com Glenn Strutt (seu companheiro,  que também o fez através de perfis falsos como Marlene Duval, pela internet,  para compor notícias com conteúdo difamatório relativo á cantora).
O Autor Alex Fan Moniz recebe os seus direitos através da SUISA (representante legal do autor na Suíça).
A SPA (Sociedade portuguesa de autores) é a representante legal dos direitos de autor da obra Metamorhosis.Todos os direitos desta obra foram pagos nas datas e montantes definidos pela SPA.
A empresa By the Music produções é a produtora da obra Metamorphosis e tem exclusividade sobre todos os direitos de reprodução e edição da obra e o Sr. Alex Fan Moniz celebrou um contrato com a By the Music cedendo todos os direitos de exclusividade de reprodução da obra sob qualquer forma sem qualquer autorização prévia do próprio e onde estão incluídas as suas letras.

Yolanda Soares começou a ser alvo de ameaças por telemóvel, mails etc.. difamação e extorsão por parte de Glenn Strutt e depois Alex Fan Moniz acusando-a de várias situações falsas com o intuito de  de a obrigarem a assinar contratos duvidosos com uma tal empresa da qual eram sócios ( Mayfair collection ver link: http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/910730811 )
 para poderem controlar a carreira de Yolanda no estrangeiro inventando uma tourné falsa pelo mundo com patrocinadores inexistentes.Depois de Yolanda perceber que essa tourné não tinha consistência e era duvidosa recusou assinar um contrato inicialmente enviado por Glenn Strutt por email (sem especificar assunto sequer no cabeçalho do e mail) esperando conseguir enganar Yolanda e leva-la a assinar (tudo já na posse dos advogados).  Começou desde então a ser ameaçada quer por Alex Fan Moniz (que lhe enviava mails chantageando-a) quer por Glenn Strutt da forma mais pérfida e terrivel. Inventaram pela internet notícias falsas tentando difamar Yolanda e acabar com a sua carreira.Contactaram várias entidades dos media e mesmo o patrocinador de Yolanda tentando difamar ao mais alto nível assinando muitas vezes com o nome falso Marlene Duval.Estes indivíduos  continuam a fazê-lo construindo blogs como este com falsidades (misturando essas falsidades com informação algo credível para que pareça verdadeiro).É o modo como actuam e actuaram no passado forjando a biografia de Helen Anne Petrie introduzindo informação falsa no meio da verdadeira biografia dessa pintora já falecida.Aqui está um blog na tentativa de difamar Yolanda e fazendo da mesma forma que fizeram no passado com outros: 

  Yolanda or our company never bought any kind of award and Yolanda Soares received a recognition by a magazine named AnR from Australia (which is not on the internet and only circulate in music business) who sent her an award of excellence from the magazine itself in order to celebrate their anniversary and because they chosen the artists they mostly liked (not only Yolanda received this award). Have a look to some examples of others:
(as published in issue 30 of the An’R publication 2009 and announced at MIDEM 2009, Cannes-France)
To commemorate the 30th issue of An’R - artist, repertoire and international licensing, the publication has established:
The An’R Award of Excellence. A worldwide award, available to any independent artist/music producer, in any music genre.
The award is an overall endorsement to the artist’s combined achievement in today’s complex industry disciplines including; concept, music, design and promotion. In other words… an exceptional production!
A production in which the artist has given their soul and talents for the continued sake of, the art of, The Music Album. Consequently producing one of the best CD’s in the world, at a time when the instant gratification of “web music” is a quick fix for the less committed!
Albeit competitive, the award is certainly prestigious and will provide an opportunity for independent artists who are not necessarily signed with major recording companies, to gain international recognition, publicity and exposure. The award recipients will be announced annually to coincide with the January MIDEM trade exposition. Thus gaining maximum impact and exposure to the industry.
The judging criteria is based on:
CONCEPT - Where it all begins! With the purpose to create something unusual, completely different, using original ideas.
MUSIC - Wonderful tunes, great arrangements and orchestration, executed with exceptional musicianship, captured with extreme recording quality all mastered for optimal listening.
DESIGN - Design concepts, originality of design, fascinating images, graphics, photos, thought provoking text.
The immediate visual presentation of The Music Album is where the game of successfully licensing music is won!
PROMOTION - Airplay, reviews and marketing strategy. As has always been the case, promotion is the unsung hero of any CD. Without this element any CD, no matter how good will just be propping up someone’s bed! Too many artists spend a great deal of time and money on CD projects that never see the light of day purely because of zero promotion! 








 and decided to offer them their recognition of excellency.But Glenn Strutt construct some kind of internet news and information to lead the readers to something that appears with some consistency in it.As you all see he doesn't write these informations signing his name.He invents false profiles to do that. Glenn Strutt was in jail some time ago and many people suffered with his actions.We already have a testimony from another of his victims from outside Portugal that made contact with Yolanda and now he is telling more about Glenn and we are sending everything to our lawyers.The prosecutor of the Cascais court already approved the criminal charge and gave reason to Yolanda.These guys will have what they deserve.
Alex Fan Moniz e Glenn Strutt estão sob queixa crime no tribunal de Cascais apresentada pela By the Music e Yolanda Soares devido aos actos horrendos que praticaram na tentativa de destruir a promoção da obra Metamorphosis e Yolanda Soares tendo já prejudicado Yolanda em diversas situações profissionais , registadas na queixa crime.

Apresentamos aqui os links que comprovam a falsidade das acusações deste indivíduos que já no passado tiveram acções comprometedoras e muito duvidosas relativamente a outras pessoas e situações.

Carta feita pela advogada da SPA (the LETTER FROM SPA LAWYER):

links de provas que comprometem principalmente Glenn Strutt (ou Sebastian Laurent Stephen Schwagele Fan Moniz que na internet tenta a todo o custo e através de sites de notícias desmentir os actos fraudulentos de que o acusaram no passado colocando nomes falsos como Marlene Duval para desmenti-los:


And an attempt of Marlene Duval do delete Yoalnda Soares from Wikipédia

Os advogados que nos representam:
ABBC Associados:http://www.abbc.pt/advogados.php?zID=1&aID=341 (Dr. Luis Filipe Carvalho,Dra. Ana Mira Cordeiro)

 Alex Fan Moniz tentou pela internet deitar abaixo vídeos de Yolanda Soares onde as suas letras se encontram reclamando direitos .Um acto criminoso que terá consequências futuras visto ser a By the Music detentora desses mesmos direitos sem necessidade de autorização prévia por parte de nenhum autor incluído nesta obra (Alex Fan Moniz não é o único autor incluído na obra).

Alex Fan Moniz inclusivamente contactou um representante bancário que com ele trabalhava cá em Portugal (O Sr. Rogério Seixas,
 ver link: http://economico.sapo.pt/noticias/corretora-cmbn-proibida-de-exercer-em-portugal_93238.html
para intervir com o banco que patrocinou o disco de Yolanda Soares na tentativa de colocar em causa o bom nome da cantora.Outro acto que está já incluído na queixa crime.
A polícia já está a investigar e todas as testemunhas já foram ouvidas,inclusivamente depoimentos de fãs que foram importunados por tentativas de os intimidar levadas a cabo por estes sujeitos que também perseguiram alguns fãs de Yolanda .Neste momento a polícia já está no processo de investigar o paradeiro destes indivíduos para proceder ao inquérito.Tudo está a andar conforme a lei para que se faça justiça.
Aliás, a By the Music faz tudo conforme a lei, coisa que estes indivíduos não fazem mas que irão ser obrigados mais cedo ou mais tarde a fazer em vez de fugirem e tentarem destruir Yolanda com perfis falsos.

The police is already investigating and all witnesses have been heard, including testimonials from Yolanda’s fans who were harassed by attempts to intimidate them by these individuals. At this time the police is already in the process of investigating the location of these individuals to carry on with this process Everything  is moving according to the law so that justice is done.

LETTER FROM OUR LAWYERS REGARDING THE ACCUSATIONS FROM ALEX AND HIS COPYRIGHTS and false accusations regarding A'nR Award of Excellence that they make with their fake IDS to defame Yolanda and her company.